Frequently Asked Questions

1: None of you data stored with us as the application does not have access to the internet, which is done especially for data security. User’s data security is our first priority so we have made sure to avoid all possibilities of a breach.

2: If you forget your pattern/password, try recovery screen.

3: We can’t recover your password or data.

Yes, you have to purchase it only once. You can download this application in another device by using the same account credentials which you are using in your current device.

On your left-hand side, select export option from the menu.
Export your data and a file will be saved in your devices download folder.
Send this file to another device via Bluetooth or any other source.
Open the app and use the import feature.
Import the file and your data will be transferred.
Don't forget the pattern which you have used to export the file. You will have to use the same pattern or password on the new device.

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